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Window Installation and Dismantling

Window installation and dismantling. We offer all types of window installation services. Window installation services are provided throughout the Latvian. No matter if you need wooden window installation, plastic window installation, double or balcony door and window installation. We provide all kinds of window installation work.

Logu montāža

Palīgs24 will help you to improve the view of life with an old window replacement and installation of new windows. We will give you good quality window installation, which will help against the cold and humidity. Window installation can be applied at any time. We provide individual solutions for each client. Palī perform all types of window assembly including installation of plastic windows, wooden window installation as well as a roof window and balcony window installation.

Window Dismantling

Is it time to replace the old wooden windows with new plastic windows? We are here to help you do it. We carry out all kinds of window dismantling at any time convenient for you. All you need to do is call us or send a request with sizes and type of the window that you want to install, after that we will contact you with the approximate price. Window removal and replacing with brand new widnow is a convenient and practical way to make your view of life a little brighter and warmer.

  • Wooden window
  • Wooden window installation
  • Wooden window dismantling
  • Sliding window
  • Sliding window installation
  • Sliding window dismantling
  • Roof window
  • Roof window installation
  • Roof window dismantling
  • Plastic window
  • Plastic window installation
  • Plastic window dismantling
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