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Carpenter Service

Carpenter services offered by Palīgs24 is a convenient and quick solution to solve a variety of everyday situations.

Carpenter is usually called when need something installed or make minor repairs. As well as of course, more work, such as the roof construction, plasterboard wall or ceiling construction.

Most popular carpenter services that are required by customers are door dismantling / installation, window installation / dismantling, laminate floor decking, soft surface floor decking, linoleum decking, furniture installation and dismantling and installation of built-in furniture.


Carpenter is a professional master, who is able to do many different things, one might say that it is a master with the golden hands.

Carpenter works that our company offers: floor leveling works, a variety of installation, such as a door or window installation, built-in wardrobe installation, built-in kitchen installation, window sills apposition, washing machines installation, laminate floor decking, soft surface floor decking, skirting installation and many other carpenter works.

Carpenter also carries plasterboard installation work, finishing and painting.

Carpenter’s services are available to everyone. To call carpenter, you just need to contact us.

Carpenter Cost During Business Days

Carpenter on call (Mond-Fri.: 9:00 - 18:00) €25/h - €35/h
Carpenter cost for the work (Mond-Fri.: 9:00 - 18:00) €20/h - €30/h

Carpenter Service Outside Office Hours

Carpenter on call outside business hours (Mon-Fri.: 18:00 - 9:00, Saturday and Sunday) €35/h - €40/h
Carpenter cost for the work after business hours (Mon-Fri.: 18:00 - 9:00, Saturday and Sunday) €30/h - €35/h
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