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House Renovation

House renovation is one of the most complex and expensive repairs, which you definitely need the help of the masters. Palīgs24 offered home-renovation services with the assistance of a professionals offers: floor disassembly and assembly, door assembly and disassembly, water pipe demolition, plumbing installation, drain disassembly and assembly, wiring pulling, waterproofing, ceiling installation, equipment installation, wall, floor and ceiling assembly and disassembly, finishing works, primer, reconstruction and hanging accessories up rooms and a number of other services that you might need.

We offer full cycle renovation: bathroom, kitchen, toilet, bedroom and living room renovation.

House Renovations

House overhaul is one of the most complex processes, during which you definitely need specialists and most likely will not be able to do without expert assistance. We offer all specialists that you might need during house renovation works, including carpentry services, electrician services, interior specialists, plumbers and other professionals who perform the necessary work.

House renovation is always carefully planned before work starts. Before the renovation you can get in contact with all specialists who will advise you and at the same time will recommend the most favorable offers and ideas for your home. Before we start we need to make a plan to get successful results. We will visit you and take all the measurements of the rooms and consider the specifics of the room. And many other important factors which the specialist will be able to determine when he is there.

By choosing our services, house renovation will be carried out quickly and efficiently.

House Renovation Plan

How is house renovation planned?

House renovation costs depends on the whole plan, and they are more dependent on what materials you want to use whether they are branded or ordinary. As well as the volume of work done and room specifics.

We are a company that takes into account all the needs of customers at the same time advising clients on how to be better and more practical. To make a detailed renovation plan it is important to discuss precisely what services and jobs will need to take, for example, walls, floors, ceiling restoration, pavement laying, electrical, plumbing or sewer installation. As well as a few more important things that are necessary for the successful plan. All the most important information:

  • Design options
  • Materials used
  • Technology used
  • Renovation deadlines
  • Preferred and realistic cost
  • Room functionality
  • Safety precautions
  • Mājas remonts – pilns cikls
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