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Certified Plumber Services in Riga

Certified plumber in Riga. Comprehensible prices and excellent service. We provide both emergency prevention, as well as engaging in various degrees of complexity of plumbing installations.

Plumber on call for various works. Outdated plumbing new plumbing installation, sewer system repair and cleaning, wash basins and pots, boilers, water-mixer, filter, bath, shower stall installation and connection, as well as other works related to plumbing services.

Certified Plumber in Riga

Certified plumber in Riga, available to anyone, whether you need small or large works get done.

Palīgs24 plumber will help you to install any plumbing in your new or old house, apartment or office.

Plumbing services are offered throughout the Latvian territory and they can easily be ordered by calling the customer consultant or by sending request to our e-mail.

Plumbing services and their costs for smaller works can be seen next to the “plumbing costs” section.

For larger works please contact our customer service.

Palīgs24 is probably the best plumber in Riga. Plumbing services are always done by certified plumbers.

Plumbing Work Expenses

Radiator replacement Per unit €70.00 - €100.00
Plumbing equipment change Per unit €15.00 - €45.00
Towel rail change Per unit €45.00 - €60.00
Heating and riser pipes installation p.m.. €8.00 - €10.00
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