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Ceiling Renovation

Ceiling renovation is a very complex process that takes a relatively long time to finish compared to other renovation works. Palīgs24 offers ceiling renovation specialist services including ceiling assembly and disassembly, ceiling restoration, priming, filling, sanding, painting, hanging ceiling assembly and disassembly, accessory installation and removal service.

Ceiling Renovation

Want to freshen up the space with new ceiling paint? This is a relatively inexpensive way to make any room a fresher, but it takes quite a lot of time. To get to the ceiling painting will have to take other jobs before, which you will need professionals help.

Before painting the ceiling we must get rid of all the cracks and gaps. Probably will also impose special sieve for cracks. Priming and filling is the next step in the creation of the new ceiling. Specialist assistance ceiling repairs will help you avoid poor quality soil deposition, which may cause ceiling disintegration. Filling is a very important process if you want to make your ceiling nice and flat. After a hard work we can get on to the last step in ceiling renovation- ceiling painting and decorating.

We also offer a simple ceiling restoration, dismantling and installation of suspended ceiling to the highest standards.

Ceiling repair over 150m²:

Ceiling renovation for area that is larger than 150m², we will prepare a special offer. The only thing you need to do is call us or simply send an email.

Ceiling renovation with the help of a professional masters!

Ceiling Renovation Plan

How is ceiling renovation plan made?

Ceiling renovation cost depends on a number of important points, such as we have to take into account room size, characteristics and location. Larger rooms will require more labor and intensive process. Labor costs and the plan is more dependent on the customer’s needs and capabilities. Cost also depends on the materials used, such as higher quality color is more expensive than ordinary color. The cost also depends on the lighting arrangement which is part of the plan, for example if you want to place the luminaries where they have not yet been placed before then electrician will need to draw new wires which will increase the cost of the labor and materials as well.

We try to adapt to clients’ wishes as much as possible, and at the same time recommending the best solutions to the ceiling renovation. We will visit you and during the meeting will take different measurements, assess the current state of the ceiling and answer all your questions. All essential information that needs to be discussed:

  • Design options
  • Materials used
  • Technologies used
  • Renovation deadlines
  • Cost of the renovation
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